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DMAC Physicians Level 2D Diving Medicine Physician (No RCSEd Online Module Required)

This 10 day DMAC/EDTC med accredited course builds on the Level 1 course. On completion, the student will be able to advise diving contractors in the event of a diving accident or incident and will have a reliable knowledge of the offshore diving industry and commercial operations, as well as being able to advise on fitness to dive.

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Core Activities

Both commercial and recreational diving accident management will be addressed during this 10 day course, using top UK experts in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine. A variety of teaching methods will be employed as well as a site visit to a local commercial diving operation, use of skill station scenarios and a final exam to assess learning.

Core Modules: Diving Medicine Physician

  • Physiology and Pathophysiology of Diving and Hyperbaric exposure – includes hyperbaric and diving physics, gas effects under pressure, and medications under pressure
  • Diving technology and safety –includes saturation diving techniques, tunnelling/caisson working, dive tables and procedures
  • Fitness to dive – includes fitness to dive criteria, standards, assessment and contraindications
  • Diving Accidents – includes incidents and accidents, remote management, decompression illness, rehabilitation, and accident investigation
  • Clinical Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – includes indications, safety, chamber techniques and equipment, patient selection and nursing care
  • Practical training to include whenever possible a chamber dive to 40m, pool dive and simulated case management under pressure.

Course structure

  • The Level 2D qualification is delivered as a 10 day face-to-face course with no requirement to complete the RCSEd online module.

Accreditations offered

  • DMAC
  • EDTCmed
  • Faculty of Occupational Medicine CPD points (pending)


Medical Degree and Completion of DMAC Level 1 Course